AR Fest Market by Retro Jam

19 Aug , 2017 Promotion

AR Fest Market by Retro Jam

AR Fest Market is the first creative market InkSundae joins. It is interesting to share my thoughts about my work to people!

Event was held in 2 days, 29 Jul and 13 Aug. On the first day, typhoon was coming to Taiwan. There were not many visitors, yet they were enthusiastic about zines and AR. The AR mini card is a gift for new Instagram followers. Really glad that they love the animation. (Demo of AR mini card) Retro Jam is so kind to offer the AR service for free for 3 months! (valid till end of Oct)

On the second day, Retro Jam prepared more activities to attract visitors, button badge and screen printing workshop. Some visitors enjoyed that very much and spent a whole afternoon there!

Here shares the photo of second day.


Full view of the booth


Zine “Naive” and “Ridiculous”, cards and AR mini cards


Poster “Naive VS Naive” and “Ridiculous Life”, “Booked by Books Today” Tote Bag


Other Vendors


Other Vendors


Button Badge Workshop: Visitors use template or draw by themselves to make a badge


Screen printing workshop: Visitors screen print “A” or “R” on bags



InkSundae will join more creative markets in the future. Stay tuned! 🙂


Event details:

AR祭 Jam夏日市集  29 Jul 2017 12:30~18:00

AR祭 Jam夏日市集 ※補辦日   13 Aug 2017 12:30~19:00

Organized by: Retro印刷Jam

AR service details: AR應用服務

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