Honichiss Market No.17

it’s the first time to have market in Taichung. Let’s see how the journey goes!

(Sorry, written in English only)

Poster of event

It was a sunny day (and sleepy because of the early train). The distribution of booth was decided by drawing lot, which was quite fair.

The market area is in “cross” shape, with 2 intersecting walkway. InkSundae was at the “intersection point”.

New work “City Living Guide #1: De-stress After Work” was launched! (Thanks “Retro Jam” for the help of last minute printing!)

Honichiss Market is a creative market with handicraft, illustration and food. In hot weather, booths selling cold drinks were very popular. (I was a customer too!) Audit Village (審計新村) seems to be a great place for family day. Many coupons with new-born baby visited the market.

It was my pleasure to know Nathan and Mia from Nikai Library (二階図書室). Zines by InkSundae were available in Taichung now!

After a hard-working day, we needed to rush for the train heading back to Taipei. Another market “Zine Day Taiwan 2” would be held on the next day.

About the market:

3-4 March 2018 (InkSundae attended on 3 Mar only)
Audit Village, Taichung (審計368新創聚落)

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