Taipei Art Book Fair 2017

InkSundae joined “Taipei Art Book Fair 2017”, which is a very exciting experience. 🙂

(Sorry, written in English only)

Taipei Art Book Fair was held on 13-15 Oct 2017 at Songshan Creative and Cultural Park. There were around 100 teams. It was a significant event in Taiwan independent publishing and creative sector. It was an honour to participant.

The fair setting was quite irregular. InkSundae was next to an exhibition booth. Luckily they didn’t use the rear side. Poster and bag could be sticked on the wall. (yeah!)


Considering the experience last time in Retro Jam, description of books were prepared to attract people. Mini cards were offered to new Instagram followers. Around 130 pieces were all given out.

Close up of Booth

New zine “Desire” was released. Gold and fluorescent red colour looked well.

New Zine “Desire”

On the second day, electricity was suspended. The lamp used USB battery so it was the only light source around the area. (no air conditioning, water machine, vending machine….) Yet visitors were passionate in art book! They waited for a long time to enter and tolerated the poor ventilation. They read patiently. It was so touching! The electricity was back at about five. Applause! Woo-hoo!

Electricity suspended

It was a nice to have direct contact to audiences. From conversations, I could understand what they liked and inspired me the future direction.

Thanks all who love the works of InkSundae!

Last but not least, thanks the organizing team of the book fair. They did a very good job!

Thank you!

Looking forward to join next year! (Hope InkSundae could be chosen again.)

About the market:
Taipei Art Book Fair & Herb 2017 草率季藝術書刊市集

  • Opening Event +Preview – 13 Oct 2017 18:30~21:30
  • Fair Hour – 14-15 Oct 2018 12:00~20:00

Songshan Creative Park, Taipei

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