Tsukui Tomoko Ink Pad Colour Palette

Printed colour and ink colour are always different. For easier working, it is better to have a colour palette. Tsukui Tomoko (津久井智子) ink pad by “Versacraft” in 9 sets, with 4 ink pads each. The combination is really amazing! Let’s make a custom colour palette now.

(Sorry, written in English only)

1.Draw a pattern whatever you like. Here I draw a smiling baby. Copy the pattern with a tracing paper and transfer to a piece of carving rubber.

2. Cut the outline in “V” shape with a craft knife.

3. Cut the negative space with a U-shapped gouge

4. Mark grids on paper and start stamping! Clean with the special cleaner after each colour.

5. After an hour….. it’s finished!

Thanks for reading this article. : )

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